Grocery Store Drives Sales with Mautic

mautic case study local grocery store

Mautic Case Study: Local grocery store increases customer engagement and drives sales with Mautic

“Our customers love receiving special offers and coupons from us… and it helps drive sales”

Owner, independent grocery store


The store had recently decided to try and improve customer engagement through SMS text messaging. They signed up for a solution from SenText Solutions, and soon had around 230 subscribers. In spite of the signup rate, they became frustrated with the limitations of using only SMS messaging:

  • They were only able to send a limited amount of information in a message
  • There was no way to collect additional information, such as customer names, so messages could not be personalized
  • Customers were not able to opt in to only receive certain types of messages, or offers

What they did like, was being able to send time-restricted offers to customers, such as “FLASH SALE: Buy one coffee get one free – offer expires in two hours! Don’t miss out!”


The owner of the grocery store wanted to keep using SMS messaging, but didn’t want the expense of setting up a website – one of the reasons they chose SMS messaging. That left the problem of collecting information from customers.

Accent Digital Marketing created a simple landing page for the store using a shared domain name. We created a sign-up form to collect customers’ emails and cell phone numbers. Customers can also enter their names and birthdays but these are not required.

When a customer signs up, they enter their information, confirm their opt-in to emails and SMS messaging, then have the chance to select which types of offers they want to receive.

As well as building the landing page and forms, Accent created a number of campaigns and integrated Twilio text messaging to send SMS messages. We also trained the staff in how to create emails and marketing messages using templates to ensure consistency.


Instead of being limited to SMS messages, the grocery store now has the option of sending an email, an SMS, or both. And the monthly cost is the same as they were paying for just SMS messaging.

Customer engagement has improved and the ability to select relevant offers is something that customers like.

“Our customers love receiving special offers and coupons from us, but I used to get customers asking if we could stop sending them pet food offers, or alcohol coupons”, the owner told us. “Now they select what they want to receive, we keep more of them in the system, and it helps drive sales.”

In addition to making offers more relevant, customers are recommending their friends and family sign up with the store. The result has been an increase in the number of customers signing up to receive offers. The initial 230 SMS subscribers has increased to over 750 customers who now receive personalized, relevant offers.

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