Mautic Dashboard with Google Analytics Data

Mautic Dashboard with Woocommerce and Google Analytics Dashboard

The Mautic Dashboard contains some pretty useful information about your leads and marketing performance, Unfortunately it doesn’t show any external data, such as Google Analytics and Woocommerce data.

We recently set about addressing this shortcoming. Here’s what we came up with…

We were looking for a way to see data from our Mautic Dashboard, Google Analytics and Woocommerce sales, all in one place. Although there are numerous options available, like Google Data Studio and Klipfolio, adding Mautic data to these dashboards can be difficult. As a result, we built our own.

The MWGA Dashboard

Enter the MWGA Dashboard. Custom-designed to display data from Mautic, Google Analytics and Woocommerce, right out of the box. You can see the dashboard in action for yourself, here.

You’ll need to register to be able to log in. (Because the dashboard loads our live data, we prefer to know who’s looking at it.) Once you log in, you’ll go straight to the first page – Overview.


The Overview shows some key data from Mautic, Google Analytics and Woocommerce. There’s other data available but for privacy reasons, we’ve chosen not to show it on this demo site. This gives you a one-pane-of-glass look at your key metrics. And just about anything you want to see at a glance can be added.


The Mautic page displays data from the Mautic Dashboard widgets. Thanks to some clever coding, we’re able to show the data from any of the Mautic Dashboard widgets. Again, for privacy reasons, we’ve chosen not to show everything on this demo site.

Google Analytics

Like the other pages in this dashboard, the Google Analytics page can be configured to include just about anything from your GA account. We’ve added a small smattering of data but could add so much more.

Work in Progress

Keep in mind, this is still a work in progress. Right now, the dashboard pulls live data from Mautic, Google Analytics and our Woocommerce- based templates site. But we’re not stopping there.

We’re already working on some additional integrations and have planned even more after that. You can see what’s available now, what we’re currently working on, and what we’re thinking about adding here.

Want Your Own Dashboard?

To help with development, we’re offering a free custom dashboard similar to this to a few select collaborators. Those chosen get their own cloud-based dashboard, linked to their own data sources. Development and hosting of your dashboard is completely free in exchange for being able to use your data sources to help develop the product.

We’re particularly keen to work with you if you:

  • have a large amount of traffic to your site
  • have a busy (10 or more sales per week) Woocommerce platform
  • use Google Ads
  • use Facebook Ads
  • would like to see comprehensive marketing analysis reports

If that describes you, click here to apply.

We review each application carefully and give priority to those that best meet our development needs. We don’t guarantee you’ll be chosen for a dashboard, but if you are we do guarantee that your data will never be downloaded or kept by us, and we won’t allow anyone else to see it without your permission.

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