Hands-on Mautic training

Take the controls while our Mautic experts guide you


Using screen-sharing, we'll walk you through whatever it is you want to do, explaining the steps as you go.


We work at your pace, going over things as many times as you like until you're confidant in your own abilities.


Your Mautic training session will be recorded, so you always have a record of the training to refer back to.

Hands-on Guided Mautic Training

Our guided Mautic training sessions are designed to help you accomplish real tasks while we guide you through the steps. Whether you want to import a mailing list, add custom fields, build forms or create full campaigns, we'll patiently walk you through everything you need to do.

Guided Mautic training sessions are recorded and afterwards, we send you a link to view or download the recording so you can refer back to it whenever you need.

mautic training screen share hands on

mautic training screen share

Mautic CoPilot™ - Mautic Training

Mautic CoPilot sessions are more fast-paced and more suited to experienced Mautic users.

CoPilot allows you to virtually look over our shoulder as we work on your Mautic platform, creating forms, segments, campaigns, or any other tasks you need completed.

As with our guided training, CoPilot sessions are recorded for future reference.

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